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To enjoy life in retirement and the comfort of financial security requires careful financial planning and its important you have trusted advice through this period.  Whether you are retired, or close to retirement, our advisers can provide you with expert advice and answer the questions you may have.

There is one thing everyone who retires has in common - the need for money to fund your lifestyle in retirement.  Whether you have built up savings in superannuation, property, an investment portfolio, cash in the bank or a business you're selling, you need to convert those savings into income.

Where is your superannuation and what is it doing?

Superannuation is an Australian long-term retirement savings scheme. The scheme will provide you with an income for retirement and it will be most Australian’s main form of retirement income apart from the government funded retirement pension.

Our team will help you understand how superannuation forms a vital part of your wealth strategy, how best manage grow and invest it.

The laws around superannuation are complex, but there are also many opportunities to take advantage of these government initiatives. We can help put in place a plan in place to meet your needs and maximise your investments.

Aged Care.

Aged Care comes in many structures, some are communities that are attractive for either couples or as a single looking to reconnect with those with common interests.

Many of our clients have welcomed this change of lifestyle and found their lives have been enriched in these new communities.

Government legislation around accommodation payments, daily care fees, means tested fees, government benefits, maintaining the family home for the spouse remaining at home - there is so much to consider, so it is important you seek the support of your trusted adviser.