Financial Advice


Make successful decisions together.

Dunsford Financial will work with you, on how to plan and accumulate wealth with a strategic plan. No matter where you are in your life or business cycle, our Advisers will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your needs to ensure your financial foundations are in place. 

This enables us to identify and put into action a tailor-made plan based on your goals and risk tolerance. 

You work hard to generate your income, let us work with you to grow and maximise your wealth.

Sound investments consider many circumstances.

- Lifestyle requirements.
- Cash flow position.
- Future capital requirements.
- Tax position.
- Tax structure.
- Your risk appetite.

Common needs for developing an investment strategy.

- Saving for home deposits.
- Investing in children education for the future.
- Investing for retirement.
- Should I pay out my mortgage or invest.

Investments commonly used.

- Bank accounts and term deposits.
- Managed investment.
- ASX listed securities. 
- Real estate properties. 
- Government debentures. 
- Commercial properties. 
- International shares.