What if it happens to you? Planning for the worst case scenario

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Your partner has had a lump on their arm for some time. After having this inspected by a doctor and then referred to a specialist, a biopsy later reveals that it is cancer in an early stage. The specialist recommends a combination of removal, radio therapy and chemotherapy. Although you are looking for positives in that it has been detected early, deep down in your heart you think the worse.

A properly constructed trauma insurance plan will fix the financial problems. Typically this would cover your mortgage, children’s school fees and two years of income. From our 32 years experience we know that by easing the financial pressure, it will give you the best chance to recover physically and mentally.

Statics are showing us that 52% of all trauma claims in Australia are cancer related. The four major conditions that are covered by a tax free lump sum are; Heart Attack, Stroke, Coronary artery bypass surgery , and of course cancer.

We have been able to take the pressure of client’s physical issues by removing the financial issues.

Call one of our experienced risk planners to cover your personal and/or business situation adequately.

How can you tell if a financial planner is right for you?

When our advisers go through the exhaustive process to finally be employed by Dunsford Financial planning the one major question that we ask of them is; would you feel comfortable sitting down discussing your personal details with the adviser?

The major driver for us as an employer is will our clients be able to trust, and discuss opening with you, your dreams, fears, things that must be avoided, and areas that make you comfortable.

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