Superannuation Strategies

Sound superannuation strategies will help you improve your overall financial position by:

  1. Consolidation of multiple superannuation accounts to simplify management and fees payable.

  2. Reducing overall tax payable via correct level and type of contributions e.g. salary sacrifice, personal deductible contribution etc. 

  3. Transition to Retirement strategy reducing overall tax payable to boost retirement savings.

  4. Maximising your benefits via correct level of type of contributions to invest your wealth in the tax friendly superannuation structure.

  5. Maximising your social security position.

  6. Tax effective superannuation pension income in retirement.

Superannuation does not automatically form part of your Estate and may have tax implications on the death benefit payments. Therefore an appropriate selection of superannuation death benefit nomination not only ensures that your benefits are distributed according to your wishes but also paid in the most tax effective manner.

Our qualified advisers can formulate the most appropriate superannuation strategies for your specific needs.