What Others Say

Dear Mark
I just want to write to say thank you for all that you have done for me in putting in place and then managing my various insurances including income cover and cover in respect of particular events or illnesses known as trauma insurance.

As a busy lawyer, I often find that I, and I am sure other lawyers tend to attend to other people’s business and affairs more diligently than we attend to my own. In this regard, I am very thankful that you were (and still are) attending to my insurance related affairs.
As you know in 2017 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and was required to undergo surgery and then a time of recovery afterwards. During such a period, with the initial diagnosis in particular, there is enough on one’s plate not to have to get embroiled in dealing with insurance matters. So, I am very thankful that you stepped in as soon as you became aware of my diagnosis and dealt with filling in all the forms. I recall you told me not to worry about anything and I didn’t. Within a relatively short period of time I was surprised to start receiving cheques for payments under various insurances that you had put in place for me (in addition to my firm continuing to support me).
Some of the payments were unexpected. Now, money does not really make up for the impacts of surgery and this sort of diagnosis. But the point for me was that not only was I surprised at the payouts under the policy but I did not have to worry or concern myself about any aspect of the process.
Since surgery, my blood tests have been all excellent and I am in good health.
So, I just really want to say thank you. Having been through what I have, despite my original reticence at taking out insurances to cover just about everything, life has its way of catching up on us and it is obvious to me know that I would have been very significantly disadvantaged had I not taken your advice.
If there is anything I can do to help in making others aware of just how important your advice is, please let me know.
Yours faithfully
Terry Montebello
Maddocks Lawyers   


"We would like to thank Priy Wijesekera for his help with our financial situation.  He has been handling our account for the past few years and we have been very happy with the results.  In particular over the last 6 months which have been very difficult due to sickness and early retirement.  His help and advice have been outstanding and despite our situation constantly changing, he has been of immense help, patient and never made us feel rushed or annoying. 

The final results have been excellent and put us exactly where we wanted to be in our retirement moving forward.

Once again Priy, thank you

Sincere Regards"

Pat & Derek Rowe



"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Dunsford for 9 years. We first became friends after I joined Peninsula Golf Club where I was a member. He was one of the first people there to make me feel welcome and included. We soon realised we shared many similar interest and I have highly valued his close friendship ever since.

Due to Mark's financial expertise, he has assisted me with advice for my business when I have requested it, and I also trust him with my family interests.

I have always found Mark to be of excellent character, and a loyal and generous friend. Mark has had a huge positive influence in the community, particularly in the Frankston / Peninsula area through his volunteer work and employing people in his business.

When spending time with Mark in the community, it is evident from his interaction with people that he has built a great amount of respect".

Matt Quin Director
Quin Corporation



"Mark is the major sponsor of the Pines Football Netball Club, which is part of the Mornington Nepean Football Netball League, within the Australian Football League South East Division.

Mark has been a long time benefactor of the club assisting with many fundraising, marketing and stakeholder engagement activities.  Mark has put a lot of personal energy into ensuring the club continues to provide participation for local people living in an area of Frankston that has many needs, and is a strong advocate for the club as important social capital for the Pines area.

Mark is also a willing partner in sharing his intellectual capital from his own business to help our club in areas of financial management and important business practice.  Having recently overseen strategic planning for the club that has assisted the club to establish a 5 year plan, strengthened business position and will lead to increased junior and senior transition and overall participation.

Mark is an excellent role model for all at the club, in particular our younger players and is actively involved in mentoring and advising in aspect of player development.

The club and I have great admiration for Mark who, not withstanding his long association with the club (Mark started playing in 1977), continues to invest time and energy into the club long since his playing days finished.

Mark is a respected asset to this club".

Travis Pastuska
Pines Football Netball Club


"I am pleased to confirm that I have known Mark Dunsford for over 30 years, our association and friendship has developed through our common passion for sport and volunteer work, in particular with the Frankston Peninsula Cricket Club, where Mark was a successful player and Club coach.

Since Mark's playing days were completed he has become a highly valued volunteer and sponsor.  I value Mark's contribution and personal support he provides to me, the Club Present as well as the Club in general with a number of community engagement projects.

Mark has continued to mentor a number of the young players within this elite Club cricket environment, including first class players, an involvement very much valued by all.

As a loyal friend, team mate and volunteer colleague over a very long period, I have found Mark to be of good character and a person who continually supports other in need through his ability to lead and mentor with empathy and passion".

Dennis Prendergast
Frankston Peninsula Cricket Club


"Mark has been very helpful and efficient over the years and has looked after our interests well. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he did his best to help us try and recover under our trauma cover (even though the diagnosis was made just within the 90 day no claim period). When, after a long illness, my wife died, Mark dealt with the claim under her life policy and quickly arranged for payment to be made by the insurer. Being properly insured has meant that I have had peace of mind from a financial perspective. Mark's team has also been most helpful in advising me on my investment and superannuation plans."

Jonathan Ambler 


"Mark Dunsford has assisted us in the construction of the Maddocks Group Salary Continuance and Group Life & TPD insurance. In addition, Mark assists many of our Partners in a personal capacity. We have found Mark's service to be of an excellent standard. His service is specific and relevant to the needs of our business. Our policies and options are clearly explained in respect of what is and what isn't covered. All claims have been dealt with efficiency and effectively. Nothing is too much trouble or too difficult when we speak to Mark about our insurance needs. I highly recommend Mark as an insurance broker."

David Rennick
CEO Maddocks Law Firm
Finalists - BRW Client Choice Awards



"As a self employed single woman it has been important that my finances be well looked after. Although my superannuation is not very high, Priy has met with me every year and has diligently and painstakingly taken the time to explain suggested changes that will benefit me. Apart from this he is obviously keeping up to date with everything, as suggested changes are made throughout the year.        

When, for health reasons, I retired a couple of years ago, Priy spent a great deal of time with me "revamping" my fund to lower risk and transferring it to a tax free fund. Now as I approach 65, Priy is again taking the time to advise me how to best deal with Centrelink and make my money last the remainder of my life.

It is obvious that Priy is enthusiastic and passionate about his work, and a great comfort to me to know that I am in good hands."

Sue Lay


"I have been receiving advice from Mark Dunsford of Financial Services Partners for some 9 Years. Mark Dunsford is always pro active in pursuing more effective ways to arrange my affairs with the result that he has achieved, on my behalf, much more value for money and significant savings. I am always impressed by Mark's energy and the effort he puts in to continually improve his service."

Carmen McElwain


"The team at Dunsford Financial Planning have helped me with superannuation and life insurance planning for the past 15 years. The financial advice they provide for the Victorian Cricket Team has always been valued."

Shaun Graf
Former Test Cricketer
General Manager, Cricket operations
Cricket Victoria

"Over the past 5 years, I’ve had two major, but unrelated, health issues. On both occasions, Mark and the team at Dunsford Financial Planning were fantastic – not lonely did I receive trauma payments promptly and with a minimum of fuss, but Mark personally ensured that I received the maximum possible payment. I n all my dealings with Dunsford Financial Planning, I have been impressed with their knowledge, professionalism and care."

Guy O’Connor 
Property Practice Group